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Chances of being accepted 71.5% CGPA and 160 Lsat

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Hey there,


I asked this in the UBC thread   but i thought i would ask it here too...  do you think i have a shot? how good does my LSAT need to be to have a realistic shot?

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Depends on the category you apply in - Regular/Discretionary/Indigenous. 

If you apply Regular, there is a formula you can use to determine your index score. Someone might want to correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's:

5*LSAT Percentile + 125*GPA (adjusted).

E.g. 5*80 + 125 + 3.7 = 862.5.

It seems that folks scoring above a certain index score tend to receive offers - I believe it was > 905 this past admissions cycle. 

This year, it seems that people with index scores ranging between 895 - above 905 were receiving offers throughout the admissions cycle. People with index scores ranging between 875 - around 905 were receiving offers off the wait-list from around April to May. Mind you, that's just based on people who post to this forum! Also, I spoke with admissions earlier this year and they have said that the whole index-score-guaranteed-admissions theory isn't totally accurate. 

I'm not sure how the admissions process works for people applying in the Discretionary or Indigenous categories. Have a look at wait-list and acceptance forums from previous years though to get a better idea of chances! 


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Assuming you apply in the regular category because you don't have a valid medical/personal reason to account for the low gpa, your chances are pretty slim. Your LSAT would need to be significantly higher to even make it to the waitlist.

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