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    • I don't think the IT issues thing was a joke. Can't be sure on that but, you are not the only one still waiting. Compared to last year, the acceptance thread is very short at the moment! However, a couple of people (on here) were accepted last week, it seems, so at least the process does still seem to be moving along. -GM
    • Accepted!! Saw the offer this morning but it’s dated January 27th.    Cgpa: 3.93, LSAT: 153  Congratulations to everyone  
    • Ottawa is still working on admission? I looked up the 2019 accepted thread. There were huge movements during Dec-Feb 2018.
    • Accepted on January 27th via RAMSS! The relief is unreal. 😂 Still waiting on Ottawa but I am very happy to be accepted here.   OLSAS GPA: 3.72 (3.75 at my university) | L2: 3.94 LSAT: 154  I thought my personal statement was ok, references were from a professor I worked with for four years and a professor who taught me in a seminar course. My extracurriculars are very unique but they are unrelated to law. I did make some pretty significant contributions to the particular field, however. I think I could have said a bit more in the interview, but I guess it went better than I originally thought!     
    • No, I just find the potential for advancement exciting (I.e., Bay Street salaries that go up significantly each year, opportunities to lateral into high paying in-house positions, etc). 

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