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    • I'm wondering if they're all being sent out at once? I took the November LSAT and they haven't had a wave of acceptances since Dec 13th, which was before the Nov LSAT scores were even released. Someone somewhere posted that we're supposed to hear next week...
    • Hii @tillandsia, Hope @Aryaa doesn't mind me hijacking their post, but I have a question that probably doesn't need its own thread: You mentioned that some folks are able to land a job at the firm where they do their 3L placement. I am curious whether you could give sort of a general description of how many and what type of firms in town are able to potentially offer that sort of pathway. I'm thinking of Thunder Bay very specifically, and not other Northern cities. The reason I'm being so specific is that, for family reasons I won't bore you with, wherever I go for law school, I'm hoping to stay put after. As in, right in the city, hopefully not even moving houses. The school's website talks a lot about preparing you for northern or smaller communities in general, but because of the above, I'm much more interested in getting a specific lay of the land for the opportunities that may* exist in Thunder Bay. Basically, I know I like Thunder Bay, and I know I'll like the school, but if I have to move to Timmins to find a job at the end of 3L, that's not going to go over too well with my other half.  So I'd just really love to get a sense of how plentiful and how varied these potential workplaces are. Thank you! -GM * Obviously I know that past experiences may not predict future results, and that firms that could hire an associate last year may not in 2023, etc., etc. I just want to have a general idea of what kinds of things are typically available, and in what sort of of typical number.
    • I wrote the January 2020 LSAT and that score is still pending. Really am excited/nervous to see the next round of admissions. 
    • I'm curious to what the process is as well! While it's hard to judge other people's stats and applications with what little they post online, I too find it hard not to compare myself with them and see what my application is lacking! Is there a stronger preference for those who have completed their degree already?

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