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LSAT Test Day -- Travelling and Need to Bring my Phone

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Hello everyone, 

I think this is most likely a dumb question but I need to ask. I'm travelling about 2 hours (on 2 busses) Monday morning to write the LSAT, and then returning home in the evening after the test. The problem is I know I can't bring my phone or anything into the test centre, but I need to bring it with me on the day. I've never been to the city where I'm taking the test before and I'm just not comfortable leaving my only means of communication/internet/map access at home while I'm out of town. I'm not staying overnight so I don't have a place to leave my phone, what (if any) are my options?

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, MissRune363 said:

Take a friend with you and have them hold onto your phone

Yeah that’s about it really. I wrote twice, one time the proctor let people put their phones in another room. The other time the proctor wouldn’t let them in the building and people were scrambling to hide their phones in lockers and under couch cushions in a different building. So I would take any risks.

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