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BigLaw Summer Student Salary in Calgary ?

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Hey just wanted to get an idea of what a summer student can expect to make working in Calgary in BigLaw ?

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    • Hey all, Was hoping for some input on this as I've seen contradictory things and could use some advice. I've lived in Ontario my whole life and for various reasons am going almost certainly going to want to practice in Ontario after I finish schooling. I am however sick and tired of this place, and would love to spend the three years of law school in the glorious place that is British Columbia. I'm 99% sure I have the grades/lsat to get into UBC, but is it advisable to go to school across the country from where I plan to practice? I luckily have some sort of network here in Ontario already (Friend's family has a close relationship with a firm that operates in the exact field of law I'll likely be practicing in) but I'd rather not rely on that and would like some input. Thanks in advance, sorry if this topic has been beaten to death but I'm either a moron or searching things is kinda hard here.  .
    • Hey guys! so unfortunately I was rejected to the schools I applied to for sept 2019 and will be re-applying. I am wondering if in my personal statement I should mention that I applied last year and what I have been doing since my last application that makes me different. Is it worth mentioning or would it be a red flag for admissions to read a personal statement that says I’ve already been rejected prior. Any info on this will help! Thanks guys!
    • Hi everyone, Today I have been opening up/ getting ready to open applications in 6 Canadian Law Schools, UVIC being one of them. I don't know why I expected there to be a place where they would ask for a resume/CV from me. But so far I haven't really seen such places on the applications I have opened. Is this normal? If so, do schools typically just want me to include all extra curricular/ achievements in my personal statement?  Don't know anyone else applying for Law school so any input is appreciated.  If needed for reference I am applying to UVIC, UBC, U of A, U of C, TRU, U of Sask. 
    • Thanks so much for the reply! That's good to know.
    • An A average on a dud candidate that doesn’t fit with the firm isn’t getting hired over the B average student with an infectious personality whom everyone loves.  An A average will assist with tied applicants between that particular student and a B+ student or anyone below that. It’s fairly intuitive. No one will or can provide advice as to exactly how much emphasis is being placed on what at each firm. It’s a contextual decision based on the students grades, personality, and how that meshes with the particular firm.
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