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Off-Campus Housing: Cherryhill VS Blossom Gates

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Hi :)  I've just went to London today to do some apartment searching. My priority is to find 1 bed-room or Bachelor Apartment since I prefer to stay on my own.

This narrowed down my choices between either Cherrhvill or Blossom Gates (625 Kipps Lane). 

I feel like Cherryhill is safer and closer to the campus whereas I find the Blossom Gates neighbourhood a bit more appealing since they are younger. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experiences with either of the places. You can either comment below or if you prefer PM, that works perfectly fine with me! 

Thank you for all your help. It seems like almost impossible to find a Bachelor or 1 bed-room place at this time except those two places. :(  If anyone knows other properties still accepting tenants, please let me know! 

Thank you in advance! 

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13 hours ago, beyondsection17 said:

Rule #1 at Western: Do not live east of Adelaide.

I second this. I've heard good things about Cherryhill though I haven't personally lived there. You may want to look into Bayfield Hall for a 1 bedroom apartment as well. It's on campus but is an upper-year residence where you have your own apartment.

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Cherryhill is fine... I lived there for a bit, just make sure you get a nice place... don't cheap out in london.  Cherryhill is close to a metro so that's good. Not sure about Blossom Gates. The best locations I have found to live was along Richmond St. 

Good Buildings to live in:

Luxe Apartments (right by campus)

- can walk to campus

675 Richmond (Closer to Downtown but still on Richmond.. Better if you have a car)

- 15 min bus ride


Also you could live in the Red Bricks along Western rd, they are supposed to be good.

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I looked at Blossom Gate and ultimately chose elsewhere. Once I was actually living in London, I remember thinking that I was very glad I didn't live there. I didn't know any other law students living out that way, and it seemed very far from campus/other social activities.

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Cherryhill is the secret move for attending Western.

8 minutes to school, 8 minutes to downtown.  Live next to a shoppers and a metro, and a two second bus ride away from a costco (!) and a big LCBO.  The buildings are clean and absurdly well maintained.

The tradeoff is that all your friends are going to live DT and will be walking distance from the Row and fun stuff to do.  

Source: I lived in 105 Cherryhill blvd through law school and articling.  Place is dope. 

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