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2020 Applications --When do they open? [UNB, Dal, Calgary]

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Hi, all! 

I feel as though I've checked this forum every second day since Sept. 2019; this year it will (finally) be my turn to apply, and I am wondering if anybody knows when the portal will be open to do so? 

Cheers, and congrats to the class of 2023!

mod edit: @LegallyBrunetteNL is specifically interested in UNB, Dalhousie, and the University of Calgary. -WJ

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    • Congrats! Curious about when you submitted your application? Odd that only one person has responded here?
    • Yes (to '89). Yes (to '79). Fuck, yeah (to 1969).  I was talking to a colleague last week who was telling me how great it was to be a lawyer-adult in the '60s and '70s. Even in Toronto. He said you woke up and made money. Everyone screwed each other. No incurable STIs. No draft. Cheap houses in the best parts of the city. Cheap trips to Europe and Vegas. The coolest goddamn muscle cars. All the best jazz, blues, soul, and rock artists still alive and in their prime. If you'd trade that for smart phones, email, and internet pornography...
    • As someone previously stated, it is not always easy to find a correlation between when you are put in queue to being accepted. Sometimes people go into queue in November and don't hear until April, or go into queue in January and hear back 1 week later. Keep in mind - there are other applicants and a majority are not on this forum, therefore the 'big picture' is not always being reflected. Good luck in this cycle! 
    • I respect the fact that this advice is based on your particular experience but I want to make clear to anyone who is reading this that there is enough time to diligently answer all the questions. I don't think the exam is supposed to be a massive time crunch. I had enough time to look up the answer for nearly every question on both the barrister and solicitor exam. I also had time to go back and ponder for 5-10 minutes the few questions I still wasn't sure about.  I do agree that diligently answering the questions is important for success--I completely fucked up the practice exams because I was too brief in my answers. Also: I hand-wrote both exams and was a bit anxious about it slowing me down but it turned out to be a non-issue, so I don't think people should be dissuaded from that if they are more comfortable with hand-writing.

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