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General Admission Question

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hey all, I have yet to hear anything back from MvGill. My Minerva status still states "ready for review". 


Any one else on the same boat?

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    • Fair point. I mean living in the West was something that I thought would be nice since early undergrad - it wasn't something carefully thought out nor has it been a big "dream" of mine. (perhaps, it was my poor wording in the early post)  But, now that I am in a position to really think this through, I'm just trying to list the pros and cons. I know that the current market isn't reflective of what the market might be after 3 years after law school. I guess I could just attend UofT and try to apply for Calgary/Vancouver jobs if I do still have an inclination for the West then. General consensus is that it's much easier to do a UofT to Calgary/Vancouver market than UofC into Bay/Toronto. My earlier question was more out of sheer curiosity on why the disparities exist in posts regarding Calgary's legal market.
    • Hey guys,  Applied with a 3.51/4 from McGill Neuroscience to UdeM, Sherbrooke and Laval. Good luck to you all! 
    • Je ne pense pas, j'ai reçu l'appel en après midi 
    • Donc tu penses que c’est fini pour Fasken ?
    • Blakes a commencé aussi.

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