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PSLOC Credit- Queen’s

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I’m a 0L starting to look into getting a PSLOC, and I’m wondering what deals other Queen’s Law students have gotten so that I can better negotiate. ie: Were you able to get prime?

In addition, is it best to go through a school rep or your local bank? 


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I went through the Scotiabank rep at the Kingston location and got 135k at prime with two of their premium credit cards and ScotiaOne account with no monthly payments. Initial offer was prime plus 0.5% but was able to negotiate this down. 

I'd say contact the local rep in Kingston via email as they're the ones that deal with these types of loans often. You have to sign for the loan and the cards in person but they can send the documents over to your local branch. 

I was advised by some users on this forum to not budge on the prime rate and I suggest you try and do the same. Feel free to PM me if you have any other specific questions and I'll try to help out. 

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1 hour ago, AlyssiaFlorick said:


I'm not from Kingston. Is there only on Scotiabank? Could you possibly provide contact info (email address)





The rep. from Kingston is Nicholas Senn [email protected] .

If you are not from Kingston, you can go through him and he can courier documents to your local branch, you can also ask your local branch if they have someone familiar with the Professional Student Loans. I live in Hamilton and I used the branch here - I asked for someone who was experienced and when I met with the rep. he assured me he knew what he was doing as he deals with med students from McMaster who get these same kinds of loans.

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Can confirm what others have said about Scotiabank - their offering really is a cut above everywhere else. You can go through the kingston rep as others suggested, but you can really walk into any Scotiabank and initiate it. Just ask for prime - and if you get push-back, say that another bank offered you prime. Really play them against each other if you have to. I found walking into my local branch, with offer letters in tow, all I had to do was ask for prime and I received it. 

Best of luck to you op, and welcome to queens :]


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