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Hello everyone!


i just spent the weekend up at Thunder Bay getting my rental and lay of the land. 


I noticed there was a Fit4Less in the lower part of the city, and a AnytimeFitness to the North. 


Unfortunately both the Law Campus and Fieldhouse were locked when I visited but what facilities does Lakehead have?


Thank you!

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Lakehead has a fulll gym, it’s pretty old and on main campus. So if you wanted to go you’d have to buy a parking pass for during the week. It will cost you more to get a parking pass than it would for a year at fit4less. 


Most students at the law school have a car, and there are a couple gyms that are popular. Fit4less is okay,  but the one In Thunder Bay is absolutely packed a lot of the time. Otherwise, if you don’t mind investing money in your gym membership the best gym is movati (about a 15 minute drive) or push (in PA) 

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