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    • As-tu reçu le courriel de Lavery? Ça devait être envoyé hier soir.
    • It's not a myth though? I found a 1 bedroom 5 minutes on foot from Laurier station for $750 all inclusive very easily while I was working in MTL in 2018, and it was not the only one I viewed in that range. Sure it wasn't massive, but it was roomy enough for one person and might have been able to do two. I don't doubt that it's not the glory days where you could find a multiple bedroom apartment for $600, but it's not like there's nothing.
    • Not true. There's people with lower LSATs that have been accepted. It depends on your cGPA and other factors of your application. Re-writing is very common and lucky for you, logic games is the easiest section to improve on. I wrote the LSAT 4 times personally and plateaued at 157 and I've been accepted to 3 law schools so far this cycle. Don't give up! 
    • What was your major for your BA? If you think humanities is easier than STEM why isn't your cGPA for your BA higher? 
    • You have to login to myTRU with your TRU-ID, and on the application summary page, under application data there's a line that says: "Decision: _______"

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