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    • "cGPA: 3.29 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 159 (2 writes)" @strugglingSFUgal In your shoes I would accept at UofC now. Based on your profile, even with some improvements admission at UVic is far from guaranteed next year (as you yourself acknowledge).
    • what are your stats? 
    • Hi Everyone! I am in my 5th year of uni and I've been accepted to U of C for 2020 and honestly, given my stats, I wasn't expecting any acceptances (especially this early) and had already started studying for my LSAT again to be more competitive for next cycle. I am super excited about this acceptance, but I'm a little stuck on what to doooo. My ultimate goal is UVic, but I didn't apply this cycle as my stats weren't competitive. However, if I was to apply next year, with the increase in credit drops after this semester, my GPA would be competitive and I would just have to work at getting a couple points higher on the LSAT (obviously, working to get a higher LSAT is never a guarantee). As a BC resident, I'd eventually like to make my way back here, although I'm okay living somewhere else for a couple years before that. My question is, do you think I should take the acceptance with U of C and say bye-bye to the LSAT, or should I decline U of C, try for a higher LSAT, and gun for UVic?  Any advice is appreciated  
    • I submitted the day of the deadline (Jan 15th) and got accepted today, so just over a month later. So to answer your question, no - it doesn't seem that they go by order submitted. I know some other strong applicants who have not heard back having applied earlier. 
    • I got in very quickly with a lower GPA, mine was 3.37. However, I did have a somewhat high LSAT at 170.

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