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    • I think that is good news for you guys. I am a first time applicant (non-UBC student) who applied in Sept and I do not have a school tracking number.
    • 3.31 CGPA, 3.94 L2 (took between 3 and 4 courses per semester while working part-time  - 3.74 for Last 10) and 166 LSAT. I applied to Osgoode, Ottawa, Queens, Western and Windsor.
    • Hi, I'm a bit stuck on how to approach writing a personal statement - would anyone who has already written and/or submitted their statements be able to help me out with some examples? For instance, did you talk about a specific life experience and revolved your whole statement around that experience or did you have several life experiences and tied them all together, etc. I am not sure what the rules and regulations are, but would anyone be able to share their statement with me somehow? Obviously, I would only be using it as a guideline.. Secondly, how important is the CV? Can someone suggest what might look good on a CV (I'm not one of those who had various jobs associated with law, rather than just one admin assistant job at a law office). Can someone suggest examples of volunteer experiences that they've done so I can look in to those and get some experience as well?   Thanks!
    • I truly wish you the best of luck. You deserve to get an acceptance before Christmas!
    • I did fill it out!  TBH even with scholarship money I would still be paying way more at Osgoode than I would at UVic, so I am definitely considering declining in favour of Victoria, but Osgoode is such a great school and If I could afford it I would like to go.  

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