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HarvardReady + the Bibles?

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For anyone who is currently taking/has taken a HarvardReady prep course (in Toronto):

I'm half-way through the 10 week class, prepping to write in July, and I don't think that this class has provided enough for me in terms of games practice/guidance, especially in comparison to the workload offered to improve your other two sections. Granted, this is my weak-spot, it's only 1/4 of the test, and I have more time on my hands than I assume that many people who take the class have, so I do the massive load of practice homework after each test almost immediately since I'm not working at the moment. 

My question is: Would it be okay for me to purchase the PowerScore Logic Games bible, and do both simultaneously? Would it conflict at all with the methods taught by this course?

Thank-you :) 

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That's strange. I took HarvardReady and that was the only part that I learned quickly. If Yoni is your instructor, I would suggest asking to give you ten minutes after class to go over games. Games (unless it changed) follows very few rules and once you get those down, you should be fine. 

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