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What are the odds of getting off the waitlist? I feel like I've looked everywhere and couldn't find an answer? I've been waitlisted since March 29.

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@companyonion Admissions said the waitpool is large.. so not great. It's over 100+ and the class is basically full (some provisionals waiting for uoft, but thats like maybe a handful).

Considering people were waitlisted so late in the game and there are still people in queue it's highly unlikely. 

I would firm accept anything you do have now, if you're not 100% on Osgoode, for the sake of your sanity. 

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    • apply broadly if you're not picky about the school! you never know what different schools are looking for in their selection criteria as grades and LSAT scores are absolutely not everything. I applied with a 155 LSAT and mid 80's average out of undergrad, and through I would have a tough time getting into Osgoode or u of t with those numbers, but then ended up getting waitlisted at some of the "safe" schools that I applied to and ended up at Osgoode. don't worry about inconveniencing your references - do what's best for you.
    • I e-mailed to ask and Aimee responded with this:   
    • I'm in the same boat over here for solicitor. tbh I'll be going into the exam without having read all of the materials - I still have 200-300 pages to go and can't manage to get through more than 20-30 pages a day. I haven't taken any solicitor classes other than tax and have had several breakdowns trying to read these materials due to extreme boredom. I honestly felt that carefully reading all the material for the barrister's didn't help and I still had to look everything up (overall I felt the barristers was fine though), so I'm just going to rely on charts and wing this one to preserve my sanity
    • Hey Incoming 1Ls! Justis from the LSS checking in. I checked with one of the admins of the group and they tell me that once you've confirmed your Lakehead email address, you should try to re-send the request. Evidently, that's been working out for a few students who may have requested to join the group before their email was confirmed. If you're still having trouble, we'll try to figure something else out! Looking forward to meeting everybody!
    • After seeing the responses in this thread, and after personally sending out my PS to other applicants, it seems like I wrote a good overall PS. I've just gone batshit insane from the wait, thinking it's my PS holding me back.
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