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    • Unfortunately, I don't think you'll stand a chance anywhere in Canada with a sub-3.0 cGPA and a 147 LSAT. 
    • If you successfully complete your second degree with a high cGPA then you do have a reasonable chance at some schools. I know Osgoode, for example, looks at everything and I know more than one person who did two degrees precisely for the same reason as you and got admitted. Their first degree’s grades were terrible but their second degree’s grades were quite good. It’s not a for-sure thing but certainly I would say you do have a chance. 
    • Hi  Just graduated from a BA in Greek and Roman Studies with a cgpa of 2.8. My first 2 yrs in a BA Economics dragged it down to a 1.5 in both years due to the Faculty of Science not being super understanding about a disability. My L2 of 3.2.  My LSAT is at 147 and unlikely to go higher due to the change in format and my medical condition. I have an exchange for my final year in the UK with several 90s on my transcript as my university actually issues grades as opposed to a pass/fail/for credit system for exchange results. I've got strong references from both a professor at my exchange school and the degree I just graduated from. I also was heavily involved in running a student service on campus for my student union. While I was in the UK, I also interned at a university archaeological unit and a law firm. Since graduating, I'm working at a Toronto firm as a legal assistant. I know my stats aren't great, but do I have much of a chance with all the non-academic stuff I've piled on?
    • Funny, people always guess I’m a few years older, perhaps that will prove advantageous here ha. Conversely, one of the guys I got on best with in undergrad was a retired fellow who came back to study for interests sake. I think we’ll all get on fine!  
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