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UND (Manitoba Students)

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Hi there,


Just looking to connect with anyone who previously graduated or transferred from University of North Dakota. What was the process to study and/or practice law back in Manitoba? Any pros/cons of studying in the US?





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    • With all the drops UVic gives, it might be closer to 3.85. Not sure how the whole auto admission index works... Just trying to see if I have a good chance. Thanks in advance
    • I am torn on who to ask for reference letters. All of the schools I am applying to require 2 reference letters. One must come from an academic source. I finished my undergraduate courses in December 2016. While I had many courses that I did really well in, I really did not get to know my professors (kicking myself right now for that - was mostly due to being very depressed). I want to know what the best way to approach a professor is, and is it totally inappropriate to be contacting someone who I did not get to know? Any advice is appreciated!
    • Statements about the real quality of foreign legal education may come down to opinion. I mean, there's probably an objective truth to that somewhere, but we'd need to consult education experts and academics to get at that. Statements about the results of foreign legal education in the Canadian job market are not matters of opinion. This is a question of observable reality. And that's what almost everyone cares about and ends up asking. "If I go to this school, and come back to Canada, will I be able to find a job?" On that basis, it's a bad idea - or at very least, it's a plan of last resort. To put it another way, it may come down to opinion, but isn't that what the employment marketplace is? When you're trying to get someone to hire you, their opinion about whether you're the best candidate for the job is all that matters. The sum of all opinions of all employers is what determines the outcome. There's no question that individual situations will vary. There's no doubt at all in my mind that in specific examples, there must be employers on the market who would take a foreign grad over a domestic grad - perhaps alumni from the same schools, or someone who for whatever reason is inexplicably more impressed by Leicester than by U of T. But overall the trends are very clear, and are observable by all lawyers working in the field. And that's exactly why a consensus has emerged here. Take all of that for what you will. No one is saying you have to like it, or even agree. But it's true information from lawyers who are paying attention.
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