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UND (Manitoba Students)

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Hi there,


Just looking to connect with anyone who previously graduated or transferred from University of North Dakota. What was the process to study and/or practice law back in Manitoba? Any pros/cons of studying in the US?





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    • Hey Incoming 1Ls! Justis from the LSS checking in. I checked with one of the admins of the group and they tell me that once you've confirmed your Lakehead email address, you should try to re-send the request. Evidently, that's been working out for a few students who may have requested to join the group before their email was confirmed. If you're still having trouble, we'll try to figure something else out! Looking forward to meeting everybody!
    • After seeing the responses in this thread, and after personally sending out my PS to other applicants, it seems like I wrote a good overall PS. I've just gone batshit insane from the wait, thinking it's my PS holding me back.
    • If you do end up deciding to enter the next cycle, try sitting down and writing without filtering yourself. Just write about why you want to study law, try to answer any suggested guidelines that the school has provided, then edit it into something you would want to submit. There is really no formula to this, or else everyone could simply write exactly what each school wants to hear. I didn't tailor my personal statement to any particular school and it was fine. Others may have tailored theirs specifically to each school and I'm sure it would still be fine. Precisely because there is no formula, just different individuals expressing their thoughts in different ways. 
    • I don't think Chelsea Hotel is a usual testing centre, as it wasn't listed in the list of testing centres. This is my 3rd write and it's the first time I'm seeing it offered. 
    • Thank you so much! Ah, I hope my professors don't mind reading all of mine. Good thing they can just submit the same letter!  That's a good point! I will give them a heads up a few weeks in advance then. I hope you ended up at your preferred school :). 
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