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    • Ni l'un ni l'autre lol, celui de Sherbrooke!
    • you should be provisionally accepting western and that will let Osgoode to keep considering you 
    • I received an offer from Western yesterday that will expire on April 1st. I am still waiting to hear back from Osgoode (my first choice), so I am wondering what my options are should Osgoode send me an acceptance after the April 1st deadline. If I accept Western but later get accepted to Osgoode, am I able to change? Or will Osgoode see I have accepted another school and remove me from their acceptance list?   Thanks!
    • Yeah I'd imagine it's VERY annoying to have the phone ringing constantly, especially if she is the only one answering. Hopefully this will give everyone some clarity and we can leave them alone for a bit while they work on our applications!  I applied early admission as well, so fingers crossed we both hear something soon
    • This is, IDK, a bit of a weird way to think about it. Labour and employment both deal with a contractual relationship, insofar as the relationship is governed by the collective bargaining agreement and the employment contract (either written or not), respectively. Practicing L&E law means that you're constantly dealing with those contracts, and you're gonna have to be able to draft them, understand them, advise on them, and litigate on the contractual language if necessary. But like, you can't really just understand contracts in general. They're the basic material you're working with. It would be like asking, do criminal defence lawyers need to be able to use disclosure? Well, yeah. That's the evidence you're dealing with a lot of the time, but you're not either good at disclosure or bad with disclosure. You learn the law and then work on the specific facts arising in each situation from that point on. That's what you'll be doing with contracts. 

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