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    • I know I like the curriculum more at U of T - I'm not into U of C's "practical" curriculum. But I do wonder whether it really makes sense to go to U of T considering this: Toronto has 3 enormous law school's in it now. Nearly all of those students will be competing for articling jobs in the city, not to mention a significant portion of pretty much every other law school in Ontario will descend upon the city like locusts for articling/jobs. I know it's the biggest legal market in Canada, however, Calgary is the 2nd largest legal market and UCalgary is the only school in the city (graduating 130 students per year).  ...am I missing something? Is it really this cut and dry? I would love a great reason to go UofT because I way prefer the school, but for $100000 extra debt and arguably a harder job market it seems foolish. Please god tell me I'm missing something.
    • Nouvelles d’Osler? 
    • je pensais que Stikeman commençait seulement ses appels demain? 
    • Appel de Stikeman - UdeS
    • Hello!  I’m just curious about whether people who graduated from queens law get jobs at NYC?  How did they do that? 

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