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    • There is no magic formula.  Be likeable, hustle, blog, network, keep tabs on all your friends and acquaintances who might be in a position to need your services, as well as their friends.  Beef up your LinkedIn profile and self promote.  Go over and beyond for your clients and then ask for a Google Review (if that's your thing).  Look at anyone who is really good at sales and marketing and do what they do.   More generally for the new calls, unless you're at a huge firm that has an endless stream of work coming your way, you should always be focused on "business development" (and even then, you probably should be).  If you work at a firm, the primary goal of your employer is to make money,  just like any other business.  Building a book of business helps your employer's bottom line and makes you valuable.  Relying on others to give you work makes you much less valuable.   Re employment standards, all employees (including lawyers) have the right to not be treated horribly at work. 
    • I’ve combed these threads and I’ve definitely seen the other way too! Let’s hope they are accepting both variation for both of our sakes!
    • GPA and lsat performance together are moderately accurate predictors of your success in 1L. Your success in 1L are (probably) decent predictors of your success in law school. Your success in law school is a decent predictor of your success as a lawyer.
    • Thank you, I sure hope so! I took 5 years in undergrad due to a variety of personal circumstances, hoping that won’t hurt me too much. 
    • 156 and 157 the difference between being 67 percentile and 75 percentile. On paper looks small, but the percentile difference unfortunately is significant!

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