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    • So you got in already? That’s encouraging, would you mind to share your LSAT score? Thank you. 
    • Got the email today, accepted with scholarship.    GPA: 3.77 LSAT: 169
    • Does anyone have any insight on how Queen's looks at re-applicants? I'm super nervous looking back at Accepted threads and seeing people with very similar stats to me. I always thought my stats were the issue...  CGPA: 3.33 L2: 3.68 LSAT: 158, 159  I re-wrote the LSAT in November after lots of studying and I definitely did better than my past two takes. I'm registered for Jan just in case. Now I'm worried if it's actually another aspect of my application that's bad? In theory I could have gotten in last year. This year I also submitted three entirely new LORs. I graduated and been working an impact investing job since I go rejected. I think my ps is better and I spent much more time writing and reviewing it but I re-read it recently and it gave me massive anxiety. I wish Queen's would have explained how to improve my application! Does being a re-applicant help or hurt me here? I was waitlisted last year.
    • It's a tight squeeze but based on responses, that seems like a better plan. Thanks!

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