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Calling all Ontario UNB students

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I am an Ontario resident and I have recently been accepted to UNB Law. Does anyone know how the process works if i were to return to ON to work/article? I have a Lakehead acceptance as well, and I am torn between the two schools. Is it better to just study at an Ontario law school if i intend to practice there? 

Any feedback is much appreciated!

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I think the major difference is that ON firms do not perform OCIs at UNB. They (of course) accept applications from UNB students, but UNB students need to travel to Halifax/Dalhousie and attend OCIs there during Dal's OCI week if they get interviews. I'm not sure what the situation is at Lakehead. Generally speaking, the advice is go to school where you want to work, so Lakehead may be the right choice here, notwithstanding the fact that UNB is an older law school.


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    • I had mine last week too! Congrats on your acceptance this morning. I was waitlisted on Wednesday.  
    • I know for a fact they will get back to some people next week. I think it’s a good sign you’re not on the waitlist, that means you may be just will be accepted right away. :)!  Especially with your stats. I owe you a cookie 🍪 if I’m wrong. But I’m feeling pretty confident about your chances. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼   
    • Also by the way Kiki - I read in Ottawas forums, that someone contacted the admissions office, and they said wait list was coming out early June. Maybe they're bullshitting, I don't know. Go check it out.  Once again, sorry for the confusion. Can't believe I said I got wait listed at Uottawa this year thinking it was last year like a crazy person lol. Maybe I'll call admissions of both Ottawa and Windsor myself on Monday, and find out whats going on with wait lists, then Ill post on this forum.     
    • I'm no newbie to Toronto since I live in Etobicoke but I'd rather be closer to school. Any ideas about the best place to live outside of Osgoode Chambers?  I'd rather live with law students if I have to share accommodations. Side note: If anyone is looking for a roommate feel free to reach out to me and maybe we can look around together!   
    • I definitely think you should call since they've started pulling from the waitlist
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