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I don't know if there is a big wave left, but I just glanced at last year's accepted thread and it seems like May 25 and June 8 were days with a decent amount of movement in 2018

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I wouldn't go off last year's acceptance pattern bc it's been really different this year. Doesn't seem like there's any predicting it.

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    • For anyone not from the Victoria area,  what are you doing for housing?  Any areas you looking to avoid? 
    • Keep your fingers crossed. I had my interview last week and received my acceptance this morning. They seem to be pulling from the waitlist so let's hope you hear something soon. 
    • I just want to point out that applying access DOES NOT disadvantage you. If you apply access you are also automatically considered under general if your stats meet the requirements. So for the people saying you would be better off applying general, that is simply not true. You would be worse off as you would only be considered in general as opposed to both. 
    • I am so sorry. That sounds like such an incredibly frustrating position to be in and I just want you to know I feel for you and will be keeping my fingers crossed. Unfortunately, I don't really have any revolutionary advice other than try contacting your school's CDO? Even though they focus on 1L/2L/articling recruit, they have great connections with the recruiters at various firms. It can never hurt to let them know that you're looking for an opportunity. 
    • How far did you move? I moved about 8 hours away from my hometown, but still within Ontario. What were your thoughts of how you would fare in your move/re-settlement in your new city? I was pretty nervous. I was going from U of T undergrad to Queens Law. Obviously, their reputations are quite different. I was nervous about not fitting in with the party crowd at Queens. I was also worried about feeling stuck in such a small city, compared to Toronto.  Did these anticipatory thoughts match the reality of the process? Not really. Queens law has quite a distinct culture from Queens undergrad, so I didn't have to deal with the crazy party culture that I was expecting (and probably exaggerating in my head). I also really quickly grew to love the size of Kingston. The restaurants are fantastic! I also noticed my anxiety go down in Kingston, I think because there are no crowds and everything is just so peaceful.  How did you manage to maintain your focus succeeding in law school while worrying about integrating in your social environment where you didn't know anyone? I met people and integrated really quickly so this wasn't an issue. At Queens, our orientation is before school starts, so the two weren't really happening at the same time.  Were there any techniques or advice you applied to help make your transition easier? Depending on your familial circumstance, get roommates. This made meeting people so much easier. I had automatic friends to go to the first few events with, and anyone they met became my friend too. I was really considering living alone in law school but I'm so glad I didn't. Don't be afraid to be the one to organize things! If you move to your new city and are feeling lonely or nervous, post in your law student fb group and invite some people out to a bar to grab a drink. There are so many other people looking to make new friends who will jump on the opportunity. Something I didn't feel the need to do, but might recommend to you if you are feeling anxious about this is to try and sort out as many things as you can before you move. For instance, if you struggle with mental health, find a psychologist (or related professional) before you move. Maybe set up a phone call with them in advance of your move, if possible. By setting these things up, once you get to your new home, you feel like you already have some things figured out and it doesn't all hit you at once.  Good luck! Feel free to PM me if you need a pep talk or have any questions along the way!  
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