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Articling application

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1) Does Law Society of BC phone and check all the places during employer background checks? Who would I put if it is the supervisor changed?

2) Should I let my previous supervisors know that Law Society will call them to check? Is it like the med school application where they call to verify?

3) How long does it take for the Law Society of BC to process the Law Society Admission Program Enrolment?




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LSUC is Ontario, not BC: are you asking about both?

I have been a principal to a student and didn’t receive any calls - but that’s probably because I filled out a gajillion pages of paperwork, all signed and witnessed, at regular (required) intervals throughout. 


Edit: just realized you meant prelaw  jobs. I have no idea. 

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    • I definitely think you should call since they've started pulling from the waitlist
    • For anyone not from the Victoria area,  what are you doing for housing?  Any areas you looking to avoid? 
    • Keep your fingers crossed. I had my interview last week and received my acceptance this morning. They seem to be pulling from the waitlist so let's hope you hear something soon. 
    • I just want to point out that applying access DOES NOT disadvantage you. If you apply access you are also automatically considered under general if your stats meet the requirements. So for the people saying you would be better off applying general, that is simply not true. You would be worse off as you would only be considered in general as opposed to both. 
    • I am so sorry. That sounds like such an incredibly frustrating position to be in and I just want you to know I feel for you and will be keeping my fingers crossed. Unfortunately, I don't really have any revolutionary advice other than try contacting your school's CDO? Even though they focus on 1L/2L/articling recruit, they have great connections with the recruiters at various firms. It can never hurt to let them know that you're looking for an opportunity. 
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