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What test to use for diagnostic?

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Planning on taking a diagnostic test this weekend. I've gone through the forum and seen that a couple people use the LSAC June 2007 one and some people do one of the Kaplan test days. Just wondering if there are other resources available and how other people took the diagnostic?

Not sure if the test has changed since 2007 (or if it's fine) and can't attend a test day this weekend.

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The test hasn't changed too much since 2007, in terms of the format, sections, reading passage formats, etc. I think starting off with the 2007 one is a perfectly good option. That's the first one I tried and it was pretty similar to the more recent tests and the tests I took (Sept 2018 and Nov 2018). You can always try websites like Scribd and stuff to see if they have any newer tests (hit or miss, but usually they have some recent ones on there). You can also check the library as well, to see what LSAT resources they have (its more cost effective than buying books, and you don't need the most recent year of Powerscore or Kaplan to learn how to ace the LSAT. It's also better because if you find that the books aren't helping, you haven't spent any money on them. They also have DVDs and stuff (similar to what you'd find on YT) with walkthroughs and explanations, which are good if you prefer to visually have someone teaching you (which was how I learned). 

When prepping for it, I would say to isolate yourself in your dining room, bedroom, office or whatever, and try to go the full four hours (roughly) and try to finish each section within the 35 mins (including the writing sample and the experimental section). Go through and mark it and see where you are, and what sections you really need to improve on and what sections just need to be brushed up on. 


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