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Associate jobs vs Articling Jobs- Application Process & References

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Hi guys, I'm in the process of applying for 1st year associate positions at different firms and was wondering if anyone had an idea how these job applications and the application process differs from articling job applications.

I would love some recommendations or advice on how cover letters/ CVs for associate positions should be different from articling ones. Obviously, I would focus a lot more on practical legal experience that I gained during articling. Is there anything else that I should focus more or less on? Also, how do references work? With articling applications, I included reference letters in my application packages even when not specifically required. If I am to use partners at my articling firm as references, should I ask them to write me general reference letters to include with my job application or simply ask them if they could be a reference and then provide their name and contact information for prospective employers to contact? Should I only include law school transcripts if specifically asked for in the job posting or include this in each application?

I'm assuming the associate job application process is not as formalized as the articling application process. Is it better to meet a few individuals from firms that I am applying to for coffee so that they know who I am prior to submitting an application?

I know It may seem like I'm worrying too much haha but I just want to maximize my chances of getting a job. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 😊

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I read this question and I was really hoping someone would have wise words in response. Have you made any discoveries on how to apply for associate jobs? @mrn2008

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