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    • The school handles the I-20 and seems to get that done pretty quickly/efficiently. I wouldn’t stress about that part at all.  Nexus... the average wait time for non-Dual citizens is 4 months. They are still backlogged on the US side from the last government shutdown (or at least that’s the reason they keep giving people). My pre-approval was relatively quick, as I’m a Dual. My husband applied in March and just received his pre-approval mid-June. We did the interview portion last week & are still waiting on the actual cards in the mail. 
    • Would you guys say that family law is one of the most ideal practice areas for going solo? 
    • I was hoping to get a locker in the Law Centre but I heard from a 2L that everyone is given one and its paid for in their fees already. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks ! 
    • Does anyone know what time parking permit applications open tomorrow? Is the process super competitive, and should I basically be applying like right as the system opens?  
    • One of my volunteer commitments required me to review hundreds of Law Society of Alberta decisions. I can confirm that one of the most common areas of practice that shows up consistently in disciplinary hearings are real estate.  There seems to be a large number of ways to screw yourself sideways when practicing real estate law. 
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