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Articling Leads - personal injury

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Anybody have any articling leads (2019-2020) for PI in southwestern Ontario - Windsor, London, Hamilton, KW and maybe Ottawa?  Came across a few in Toronto but cost of housing is too high.

Still looking.  If you have any leads please PM me.  Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I work at a top 10 PI law firm in Barrie. When I was applying I showed up to a few firms in the area to drop off my CV personally. One of the partners at the firm called me and interviewed me personally the next day. I work here now.

Most PI specialist firms are not huge and there are not usually set dates, just individuals who apply. Try some of these firms they are all leading in the field: https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/author/alexia-kapralos/canadian-lawyers-top-10-personal-injury-boutiques-3632/


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Thanks but you may have lucked out.  I called at least 10 different PI firms in Southwestern Ontario and all of them told me they are not looking for an articling student - and this was after ruling out the ones that participate in more organized recruits and hire a year in advance.  The leading firms you listed are usually the ones that have more organized hiring and typically well in advance.  The trick is to somehow find the "leftover" ones.

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