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Apartments/ Roommates

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I’m a local applicant ( accepted to the MA portion of the joint program so far for the fall) and currently working in a professional position downtown and am looking for a new roommate. 

Currently I live in a large two bedroom apartment in Vanier, right on Montreal Road near Mona and am looking for a roommate for the next year ( even if you can’t move in until September). The apartment has plenty of storage space, is nice and bright, laundry onsite, we have an AC unit for the common areas, and heat and hot water are included. Your rent ( as your room is a bit smaller than mine) would be 550.00 -utilities ( Internet, hydro, tv) vary but are usually around 50.00 a month or so. We’re right on the route of the 12 and just down the street from the 19 ( which goes straight to campus). 


I also have two cats and as my screen name says am a rower-so I’m out early in the morning and am not much of a partier, don’t smoke, and of course hope to be pursuing my degree at least part time come the fall.  If you’re interested please let me know! 

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