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Chances of UNB acceptance

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Just now, NovemberRain said:

I called last Friday and was told that they still have seats remaining and that they hope to send all the offers out by end of May, begnning of June. I found this rather odd as it seems like a long time to wait to fill out your seats. The waitlist apparently will start in June. 

If this is the case, I would wait until early June. If you haven't heard back, just ask them nicely when you can expect a decision as you would like to firm up your plans. This would also serve as a signal to your commitment and interest in UNB. I did that after I received an acceptance at one school and the admissions officer at the other school told me my offer would come the following week.

It sucks to still be waiting and seeing others with lower stats get in before you do, but we have no idea the process they use to evaluate Maritime vs non-maritime applicants, and early June still gives you a couple of months to get things sorted out.

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