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    • No. Just my guess from having attended the welcome day, I think that they have sent out 150 offers (aka the number of spots in their entering class) and the next wave of acceptance will be the spots that people have declined. 
    • Hi everybody I have a couple of questions regarding biglaw areas of practice, specifically real estate and m&a: 1) I know all associates are on the same pay grid/progression but are there substantial average difference in the respective areas of practice? I just can't see real estate lawyers bringing in as much business/providing as much billing as m&a lawyers. Is this the case? (and yes I understand that money isn't everything and it varies from individual to individual but i'm asking about averages). 2) are the hours much different? everyone talks about the crazy hours in m&a, especially during closings. Is this true for real estate? or is real estate a bit more chill? 3) is the networking/client development really that different? I've heard that in m&a networking plays a larger role than in real estate and that m&a lawyers do things with clients such as go to raptors games or bars more than real estate lawyers do. thank you for insight!
    • I'm a 1L at Queen's and a woman of colour, and I haven't noticed any discrimination or racism at all. Queen's Law community is very friendly and my closest group has a mix of every background. I honestly feel like Kingston has some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Just my experience. 
    • This story sounds intriguing. Mind sharing to the extent you can?
    • Anyone who in-firmed at Gowlings receive an invite back for the second round of in-firms? 

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