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    • Received an acceptance email in early November - accepted my offer  LSAT 157, GPA ~3.3 NL resident, pretty strong ECs and LOR 
    • I don't know about BC and my experience in Ontario isn't recent, but even if he can't be a principal, does he know anyone, even if not will he give you a glowing reference about how great you are? Or - not trying to be negative or nasty but wondering - is it possible, even unconsciously, that he doesn't want to lose you as an assistant (he has a legal assistant with a law degree!) and so isn't exactly anxious for you to leave? I'm also wondering, I've heard in the past from some people who used to be admin staff in law firms before going to law school, that they faced discrimination when looking for positions as an articling student (not just with the firm they'd been at refusing to consider them, but elsewhere). That's anecdotal from only a few samples and in a different province, so don't read too much into it.
    • Offering to volunteer comes off as desperate, and while that may be true, it makes you appear less desirable. Instead of volunteering to work for free, try volunteering to relocate to remote communities where there is greater need. 
    • Those are stats good enough to get into most law schools in Canada, so you're probably fine

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