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Got the email today! 

GPA 3.12

L2 3.5

LSAT 161

two strong references, very extensive ECS and work experience including currently working as a legal assistant at a law firm

Access claims 

Fingers crossed! It’s not an acceptance but being waitlisted means opportunity. Glad to still be in the rat race. 

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How do u like the city and ur classes? What is your section like? I know the classes are split into 2 sections, did you have new professors or tenured? 

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    • I'm posting this to provide a little insight into people's reactions to your post and to help people browsing this forum for help - Mods, please let me know if this is considered legal advice.   A professional corporation does not offer the same shelter to liability that you would find from other corporations formed under the CBCA or provincial corporations acts.  Any liability claim will "pierce the veil" and you will be professionally liable. That's why lawyers/doctors/ etc. who have PCs will still require liability insurance. And why I wrote the following in my post above:  (my emphasis added) The reason for having a PC is not to shelter you from liability. As I insisted before, look into why professionals have PCs and maybe start with looking into what a "personal services business" is.
    • https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/students-upset-as-some-canadian-universities-hike-tuition-fees-1.4961036 Some Canadian universities are raising tuition fees for the new school year much to the consternation of students, who argue their costs should be going down, not up in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. While schools argue they need an infusion of cash to deal in part with higher costs of remote teaching and learning,   
    • Probably wouldn't help.  Look up a fintech agreement that some service providers post online. Generally, the privacy clauses will refer to industry standards and policies rather than listing out specific criteria or security methods. You don't really need to know the nitty gritty.  Now, if you plan on practicing on the other sides of these agreements (once something goes wrong, or theres a data breach) it may be helpful to have an understanding of privacy and what the "industry standards" actually entail, but unless you're an absolute authority on the subject, I don't see it helping.  It's like @Rashabon said, you just need a JD. If certain non-legal expertise is needed while practicing law, then you should be paying for an expert. Otherwise, use appropriate drafting language.    Having said all that, I suggest you go to the large full service firm websites and look at the profiles of their tech and privacy lawyers and see if any of them advertise having taken the program.
    • I took 7 first year courses in my 4th year and got into many schools across Canada. It doesn’t matter if you take easy classes that’s what I did and it actually helped me get 4.0 in my last year. 

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