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    • I would be interested in how the actually good australian law schools that require an LSAT and have similar admissions standards to Canadian Schools ( Melbourne, ANU, Sydney) are perceived in Canada. Everyone knows neither Bond or Griffith are "esteemed". 
    • Same. I do have a ticket in with their IT dept to try and fix the glitch, but my application was referred to ad com almost a month ago & it still shows Incomplete on my end via uwin.
    • What's your source for this? I have good credit but Scotia won't do Prime minus for me, only prime. I'd like to contact your TD rep.
    • Tbh I found 1L to be less intense than 2L and 3L so I would suggest that you get involved in extracurricular activities during your first year and see how it goes. As for studying, I would make sure that every week, at least once a day, you dedicate some time to catching up and summarizing your notes so you aren't slammed come exam time. Unlike undergrad, where I could start studying a few days before, during law school I started preparing for finals at least a month in advance and I still felt like I was running out of time (may have been my own fault though). You will find that law school exams are less about memorizing the law (which is how we were tested during undergrad) and more about issue spotting and how you can apply the law to the facts given to you. I've already completed my degree at the U of C so DM me if you have any further questions!
    • Just out of curiosity,  why were you exempt? 
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