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    • It's best that you look into legal assistant or law clerk positions. You should look into job listings, cold call firms of your choice after narrowing down your preferred practice of law, and also network with other NCA students or lawyers at various events.  If you can't find any work experience, you might want to search for volunteer opportunities. I'm not sure if this is available to you in BC, but I believe you can check out Access Pro Bono to see if you can work at pro bono clinics as a law student. 
    • This post is quite old now, but it has some useful information about class composition and yield rate within the discretionary category.  Obviously, these statistics have no bearing on this year's entering class, but it's the best information we have. 
    • this may be a stupid question but by a waitlisted index applicant you mean those under regular waitlist category? or discretionary and regular waitlist combined?
    • If it’s anything like last year and the years prior, about 20 seats (out of 200) are reserved for discretionary applicants. There are about 20ish people on the discretionary waitlist. If a waitlisted index applicant is accepted under disc (which happens), they will be removed from the index waitlist. Otherwise, the disc category is a separate system from index.  
    • Good luck getting it when parking opens though. Better chance once the waitlist opens! 
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