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    • It doesn't help in terms of knowing what laws exist and don't exist. But law school is hardly some all encompassing education on all the laws out there. If it were, students wouldn't complain about learning all the law they didn't learn in law school when they study for the Bar. It's useful in understanding the motivations behind law, understanding law as a system and how it operates, better understanding jurisprudence, etc. 
    • when i get home i study. its sad. i dont have a social life. i have an A- average and property law is disgusting  @AutumnBleed
    • Why would any knowledge of civil law be useful in a common law jurisdiction? To answer you initial question, the fact that U de M has an agreement with Oz doesn't mean that other common law students can't apply for the fast track 1 year civil as well. There's more paper work to go through, and it's not a guarantee that they'll accept you but it is doable. 
    • I am not feeling as ready for my November LSAT as I would like but am going to take it and see how I do. In the meantime I would like to have the Jan LSAT as a fall back.  As I would need to register for the Jan LSAT before I will get my Nov score - do you think it would look bad if I called schools to tell them I was taking the Jan LSAT now? Also if Nov goes better then expected would it look bad to then again call them and tell them I am no longer taking Jan (in order to get my application looked at sooner)? Thanks for any tips or advice
    • @BNAAct1867Is the fast tracked civil law program at U de M open to any common law students? I know Osgoode has the combined JD/BCL program with U de M. I am interested in living in MTL for one year and I have been actively learning french, also I noticed some people mentioned the civil law knowledge can be useful even if one works in common law provinces. 
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