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2 hours ago, TheSaskConnection said:

It’s tough to accurately gauge,  but based off previous years’ threads not a whole lot,  maybe 20-30?

The thread only represents maybe 20% of the applicants to law school; I’m sure it’s a bit more 

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10 minutes ago, lindsn said:

The thread only represents maybe 20% of the applicants to law school; I’m sure it’s a bit more 

I attempted to take that into account with my estimation, there were less than 30 posts referring to “accepted” after April 1.  The class is 165 regular applicants, I find it hard to believe 100 of them come from acceptances post first round offers. 


There were about about 11 posted acceptances from the 2018 thread after March 31.  The idea that UofA doesn’t have half of their class filled by March 31 is ludicrous, I’d bet it’s less than 40 that get a second round offer. 

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    • Hi CoffeeandLaw,  That's a great idea. The CDO at my school historically has been mostly focused on providing resources for corporate/big law jobs, but contacting them can't hurt! Thank you for the advice.    I have litigation experience, but not in civil  I've definitely realized that there are many more positions for PI and such for younger lawyers. I really want to practice the field(s) I've dedicated myself to for the past few years. But if it comes to that, I guess I might have to rethink my options.    I am applying broadly in terms of geography, but I'm afraid I can't leave the province due to family commitments. Would prefer to stay in the GTA, but I've been looking for jobs in other cities across Ontario as well. You're correct, if I want to stick with government, I should peruse options in other provinces. I just don't think I will be a competitive candidate because I was born, raised, and educated here. I think they're looking for some kind of a connection with the region/province, and I have nothing to demonstrate that, haha. 
    • I believe you need to send in your final transcript after your degree is conferred as the confirmation of your graduation is not actually listed on your transcript until after convocation. If you click on the help button when you're on the transcripts part of OLSAS and scroll down to 'final transcripts' part there should be more clear information there. If anything, just call - RollMaster could be right about just requesting your transcript immediately.
    • For those of you who have written the bar, 1) Did you always find the answers in the materials? I've done some practice tests and find it hard to always find the answer in the materials - i'm tempted to just guess based on my own knowledge - is this something you did?  2) Did you use OLE's indices? the detailed table of contents? whats the best way to find answers fast?  
    • Hey,  I'm moving from BC. I found a place through Kijiji. I had just been scanning the ads regularly. I was going to rent an extra month in July just to secure a place but ended up finding one that started mid August. So my suggestion is keep an eye out there. Also avoid Marda. They were awful and rude when I spoke with them.  As for course enrollment I believe we dont have to first year. I'm under the impression we get registered by the school. I could be wrong but when I was reading the handbook for the MSW/JD program that's what I got from it. I know you can check your uwinsite and at the top where it says applicant click it should drop down and there should be a student option if your account is activated. Mine is not yet. Not sure if others are.  We will also be receiving a welcome package in the beginning of August through mail with more info I believe. 
    • Just to dispel this myth, it isn't really true. Certain fields of law and practices, absolutely. But you can definitely work in Montreal being an Anglo with limited French.
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