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Mature Students 2019 accepted/rejected

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Hi guys

any mature student applicants who have been accepted or rejected, pls share their stats and brief application overview, would help greatly.

I am 33 years old, I dont have the best stats, UofT undergrad, cgpa 2.7, going to write the LSAT in the summer, aiming for a high lsat for my horrible gpa. my L2 is 3.3 and final year gpa 3.7, though. a very steep increase in grades year over year

i picked the wrong major in my first year and couldnt recover from it but that was over a decade ago

I was a customer care manager at a bank for 6 yrs, one below the ombudsman and currently working for the Ministry of the Attorney General as a court reporter for a year now 

also going to volunteer at Victim Services in the courthouse and can get killer references from court managers, judges and crown counsel i work with.

first time posting here, been lurking here forever lol

any input in my situation would greatly help as well

thanks all!




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Have you taken the LSAT before? Are there different LSAT requirements for mature applicants at Windsor then regular applicants? Usually the latest that law schools have taken in Ontario was the Feb LSAT. On their website is says Nov LSAT was the last to be accepted. I know this is not what you asked but I hope this does not affect it!

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