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Try visiting the LSAT website first and looking at the free practice test (June 2007 I believe) to get a good idea of what they ask. The LSAC website actually does a good job at explaining this in my opinion. There are 3 sections on the test (Logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension).

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On 3/1/2019 at 3:42 PM, FLawyerstudent said:

I wanted to know how the LSAT are. Like how can we prep for them and what kind of questions there are and what type of questions there are?

Try studying one section at a time? LG > LR > RC. Focus on foolproofing the games first with 7Sage  videos and then try The LSAT Trainer or Manhattan for LR/RC. 

After each test/section, spend a lot of time reviewing your mistakes and even consider writing them down somewhere to look back to for a quick review. 

Study from PT 52 and up as they will be closer to what you will expect on test day :)

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