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    • Wat.  Of course it is. A cheap suit will last a long time if you wear it once every 8 work days. Similarly, shoes will last a long time if I never wear them. Durability is a function of how something stands up to wear. I think that might actually be the definition... 
    • So it has a little bit to do with the number of days in a month, but not your average daily balance. The reason you see the interest amounts fluctuating month to month is due to a couple of reasons. Your statement period begins on a certain business day of each month. This will determine how many days are in that particular statement period, and will vary depending on the number of days in the month, the actual date that the statement period starts, etc. If your statement cycle starts on the first business day of the month, that could fall on the 1st of the month if it is on a regular business day, or it could potentially be the 2nd, 3rd or 4th day of the month (see July of this year) if it happens to fall after a weekend and/or holiday. Because of this, if my math is correct, a statement period can include anywhere from 28 to 34 days in it. Now on to the second part of this, your interest is calculated daily, and charged monthly. So at the end of each day, your interest will be calculated based on the balance owing that day, and at the end of the statement cycle the interest calculated for all of the days during that period is added up and charged to the account. If you've made advances or payments throughout the month it would affect the amount of interest charged each day. The sooner you make a payment, the sooner you are no longer paying interest on that amount. The difference in interest charged for 28 days and 34 days could be quite substantial depending on the amount you owe on the line of credit. If we make a basic calculation of interest charged on $100,000 at Prime Rate (3.95%), the interest charged on a statement with 28 days would be $303.01. The interest on the same balance for 34 days $367.95. So as you can see, even though both"monthly statements" have the same balance owing, and the same interest rate, one of them has a much higher amount of interest charged on it due to the number of days in that statement period. I hope this helps to explain why you're seeing these differences on your statements.
    • Did yours just say incomplete before? 
    • In! CGPA 3.85 LSAT 164 Declining, but good luck to everyone else! 
    • Accepted! LSAT: 160 cGPA: 3.85 Super excited! Just need to ultimately decide between Oz and Queens

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