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How does the waitlist work?

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Hi everyone,

I’ve accepted I’ll be lucky to be waitlisted with a 91.2 index. But now I’m curious if the waitlist is decided solely off LSAT and GPA or if they make the rankings with personal statements in consideration. 

When I called a couple months ago they said they start to look at personal statements in summer. So I took this to mean when they make the rankings, but I could be wrong.

Anyone have any insight into how they make rankings or the waitlist process in general?


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42 minutes ago, Aschenbach said:

Hey, I think this is supposed to be at the UBC section

Oops, thank you!! @erinl2 or other admin, can you please move this to the UBC forum?

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    • If you have escalated your concerns to the manager and they were dismissed then that says something about the environment where you work.  I do not know how helpful this is but I will throw some considerations out: Does the Credit "A" receives have an impact on your growth at the firm? Does A's behaviour have an impact on your ability to get a bonus? on your billable target? If it does and you have shared your concerns and nothing is being done about them then I believe you will slowly start to resent your workplace which will naturally lead to you look for another job.  Are you getting good experience at this workplace or are you are always stuck doing the grunt work? If you are getting good experience, is it enough to justify working at that place?   
    • Got the email earlier today! LSAT avg: 153 GPA: 3.99 or 4.0 depending on how they rounded it Most likely accepting 😊
    • Is your L2 confirmed? If so, definitely in. 
    • I’m at a L2 3.85 and 155 LSAT. Thoughts? 

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