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    • thank you! I like many of these points especially the business oriented and technological aspect. And between Ryerson and Windsor, which one are you leaning towards if you don't mind me asking? 
    • I’ll go.  I wrote at the KPU testing centre in Surrey B.C.    Pros - Don’t have to drive all the way into Van if you’re from farther east.    - Next to Surrey central if you need to hit the mall or something. You can knock 2 birds with one stone and get your passport renewed.    - Not an overwhelming amount of test takers.    - Lots of parking.    - Friendly and helpful staff.  - Large and well-lit rooms, lots of natural light. Large and comfortable desks.  - Right next to the Skytrain.    Cons - Right next to the skytrain.    - It’s in Surrey so there’s lots of sirens.    - Easy to fuck up and go to the main KPU campus if you’re stupid like I am.    - Probably in a bad location for anyone not based in Surrey. Having to drive 90 minutes for an 8:30 test time wasn’t my favourite.    Overall it was fine, I’d easily recommend it if it was the only option, or the closest one, as it was for me. I only wrote once on the second iteration of the electronic LSAT, so my experience might not be representative.    Cheers, P&S    
    • So far I have been accepted to Ryerson & Windsor.  LSAT:155  cGPA: 3.85 BEST 2\LAST 2: 3.96 My reasons (the pros) of attending Ryerson include the following -  The uniqueness of the program. It offers mandatory courses similar to other law schools, while also integrating a practice-ready curriculum. I love the idea of practicality and thoroughly understanding a legal setting instead of having to learn all of that in an articling position. I spoke to people about the boot camps, and they are not just about coding and technology. The purpose of them is for students to learn the operations of firms and other legal atmospheres DURING a semester, which I think is pretty amazing!   -  The business oriented, entrepreneurial and technological aspect of the program is also attractive to me. We can’t be blind to the fact our world is changing, new laws are necessary for new changes, especially those surrounding technology. Electronic court rooms, online legal businesses,  video conferences etc. are soon to come since there is an increased need for access to justice, so it makes sense why Ryerson is concentrating on this aspect of law. I think it’s really interesting and also relevant.  -  Being apart of the first graduating class from Ryerson Law, would make us a part of History. I think that’s amazing.  - in order for the school to gain popularity and prestige it needs to have strong alumni. The school needs to have amazing resources so that current students can advocate on behalf of the school. If this was not the case, it would be a huge fail. So I’m sure faculty, staff, etc. Are going to make sure their students succeed and have a pleasant experience. At the end of the day education is also a business, in order to keep the business you need to be successful. For this reason, I think we’re at an advantage. They’re going to want things to run as smooth as possible.    - A strong faculty! Ryerson has some of the greatest professors who also teach at UofT and Osgoode. I’ve been looking into many posted online so far and spoke to friends of mine who went to ryerson who had some of them and had only good things to say!    - Prime Location!  - New/ renovated building. I emailed Ryerson about this, the building first year students are going into is under construction. So I can imagine it’s going to be in good shape to welcome it’s students.  - Diverse class based on holistic values.  I have more reasons, but my fingers hurt a bit lol. ________________________________ Here are the CONS of attending Ryerson:  - New school means unpredictability and surprises. There’s no prestige yet. Prestige can only be built with time. We would be entering the unknown, and that can be scary. Will it be successful? Is what Ryerson is marketing itself to be accurate? We will have to find out...  - Less flexibility with course selection compared to schools like Osgoode who offer a huge selection of courses to choose from.  - judgement from others - sometimes it feels like the school is unnecessarily  frowned upon from certain people. (Who cares what others think, do what’s right  for you)    This is my list, feel free to add. I don’t want any negativity on my post as this is totally subjective. Thanks and all the best to everyone on whatever school they decide to attend. 🙂
    • Emails just went out. Hope it went well for everyone!
    • I hope this could help borderline candidates like myself...

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