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    • Is it reasonable to draw inferences about a candidate's strength based on the admission cycle in which they receive an offer? In other words, is someone with similar stats who receive an offer in January a better candidate as compared to someone who will get an offer in March? If not, then what could be the reason for being accepted in March as opposed to January? 
    • Thank you both so much for taking the time to respond in detail. Feeling a lot better hearing some first hand experience! 
    • lol really? who gives a shit, wear whatever the hell you want with the money you earn/borrow/receive/whatever. one of our interns casually sports a >$3,000 bottega veneta bag and nobody gives a shit (well, most people in toronto don't even recognize what that is because, let's face it, we're not the fashion capital).  i'm not gonna be like "omg, she is one of our students, how dare she wear this bag when the rest of us walk around in our worn out MEC bags". i personally would never spend a cent on designer bags/shoes/whatever, but you're kind of being judgmental yourself with this comment of yours. or maybe you care a little too much . relax. 
    • To outstanding applicants who hold multiple offers:    
    • There's always a more expensive fish.  Some people spend their money on cars, computers, gaming etc, some on shoes. 

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