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    • Yes. There is a 'tryout' process, or at least there was (new) last year, but it is very easy. We had to read a journal article, answer some questions about it, and perform some citations work pursuant to the McGill Guide (legal citation guide) within a couple of days. It actually takes longer than you might think, but not long. Around 45 people made it on to law review, they wouldn't tell us how many 'tried out'. 
    • So you’re saying you didn’t work your ass off to get into university, maintain a high GPA, pass the LSAT, get into law school, maintain good grades in law school, kill articling interviews, work yourself to the grindstone during articling, pass the bar, and now you’re where you are? this whole “white privilege” discussion is total bullshit and nonsense. I don’t understand the guilt people have for being successful. And you shouldn’t be guilty for your parents having worked that hard to provide a good life for you as I’m sure you will for your kids. 
    • Maybe in some positions, but definitely not in others, including mine.  Unless I have court, I schedule whatever I want and do whatever I please. As long as the hours are there, no one cares. 
    • Work. I love having a schedule that I cannot miss for any reason and getting paid to adhere to it and work on practical, real-life matters. I love having that sense of direction too, as well as just knowing that no matter how small the task I'm working on is, it is still meaningful. I learn a lot more too and retain it far better. I want to wake up in the morning and get started on my day, whereas when I'm in school I constantly yearn for the weekend. I feel a lot more anxiety in school... I get a bit of anxiety at work too, but I think the stability and meaningfulness make it a lot easier to deal with. Getting paid and not having to worry about how I am going to pay the bills is also an added bonus, but I would probably prefer school if it was structurally more similar to a work environment and things were taught in a more hands-on, practical matter.
    • We did actually get an email from the Parkdale intensive back in March, i.e. after the clinic recruit, informing students that they still had unfilled spots so I actually got the sense that it wasn't a very popular clinic, for whatever reason. 
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