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    • Is that what the argument is about? Whether humanities profs are generally more left-leaning than the broader population? They are. I thought that was widely acknowledged. I also thought seizing the academy was an explicit goal, much like conservative law students in the US explicitly set themselves the task of seizing the judiciary. I remember being an undergrad and participating in lots of conversations about how the academy needed to be made more politically correct. I remember law school where students actively campaigned against convocation speakers that didn’t represent their values. They wrote articles about what type of faculty should be hired and what should not. None of that is nefarious - that’s the stuff of politics. The ‘law schools are biased’ claim I always hear is that conservatives are outnumbered and therefore these great defenders of freedom and inheritors of Enlightenment ideals feel gun-shy about sharing their opinions. I just can’t imagine how I could plausibly care any less about that than I already do. But I’m willing to try.
    • No ways. If you're on the waitlist it means they've already extended the amount of interviews that should everyone accept there's no slot for you. Only if people decline will you move up. Wouldn't make sense otherwise - they can't just revoke someone else's interview offer because they liked your continued interest email.
    • I don't think it really matters.  Just say that you worked at x business doing x in the office.  You still haven't provided enough information about your role for me to assess whether a law school would look upon it favourably (i.e. you had an important role, you were developing some sort of useful skill, etc.).  However, based on your last few comments,  I think that you are more concerned about their unfavourable impressions (due to it being a family business).  I don't think they would care.  But I also don't think that you have to disclose it.  Many of the work experiences of law school applicants are nepotistic (family, family friends, etc.).  It isn't a big deal.
    • They won’t. It will be more subtle. Individual professors. 
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