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Articling and first year associate realities

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    • Either way, avoid the term "poly marriage" in your interview. Oh, and check the Ontario Reports, and the OBA classifieds:  https://www.oba.org/Publications-and-Resources/Job-Board The first posting on the OBA classifieds is for a 0-2 year call for a criminal position.  Mr. Confente has struck me as a reasonable man in my run-ins with him, although I can't speak to his virtues as an employer. 
    • Hey guys my stats are shown. What would be my chances for osgoode and other Ontario schools? Also, it is all full course load except for the last year where I took 9 courses during the year, instead of the usual 10
    • I don't want to be too affirmative with my comments because at the end of the day, it's still an educated? guess at best. Anyways, I definitely wouldn't put so much weight on your ps, it really is going to a small factor. If an 3.75 l2 and 164 didn't get you in then either look to your cgpa or improving your lsat. I would also double check that your l2 is correct. You can possibly call Queens and ask what they calculated your l2 as. 
    • Yes but you don't see the people that didn't get in with similar stats. I made the mistake of reading way too much into stats in the accepted threads and I thought I was in with my 161. If you're okay with that slim chance and have other options then of course that's fine. For me I only wanted law school and so my mistake really hurt me. 
    • I certainly hope so - I ain't getting any younger!
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