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Chances w/ 78.5% cGPA and 158 LSAT

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I was wondering, what are my chances of getting into TRU this cycle with 78.5% cGPA and 80% average in my last two years from UBC with a 158 LSAT (I took the January one as well, but I have no clue how it went).
I'm worried because my stats aren't the best and I have average LORs and ECs.  


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These stats seem to be in line with some other previous accepted students. However, you need to take that information with a grain of salt. 

TRU is truly holistic and they will look at the whole application and likely will compare it to other similar applications. TRU generally looks for a very diverse class so just because a bunch of other students with the same or similar stats got in, that doesn't guarantee anything. They don't want a whole bunch of students who appear identical on paper so they will look to your ECs, reference letters, personal statements, etc. to inform their final decisions.

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