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International Student Tuition

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I am currently looking into going to Queen's for law school and I was wondering if anyone knows what international students pay for tuition on average. (course load included).

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    • UVic dominates Victoria (obviously) but I don't think there's much, if any, difference between the two for finding work in the lower mainland at this point. I've heard as much from sessional profs at TRU who practice as lawyers in downtown Vancouver. @tallandkeepingllp I would accept the UVic offer. Half the tuition and improved mental health by being closer to home is totally worth it. And I'm a TRU alum who loved it there.
    • My original thoughts were that I would be staying at home and doing the online learning instead of moving to Kingston. I tend to err on the side of caution and I'm just not sure if I want to risk in person classes yet. Many of those close to me are higher risk, so that probably played a large part in my initial decision.   This is really interesting and it makes me wonder if my original decision is really the right one to make. If I moved to Kingston, I would theoretically be away from my higher risk family (barring visits, which might not even be a good idea). Me staying at home would carry the benefits of saving a year of rent money (a big plus, imo) and potentially being safer in terms of the virus. I should note that even I'm not yet a member of this Facebook group, so there may be a larger population of students who plan to stay home that aren't reflected in this survey. I do wonder if I would miss out on part of the experience though, but if it's only going to be a "partial" experience to begin with, I'm not sure if I can justify the extra rent costs (on top of tuition) along with the potentially extra virus risk. I just hope I wouldn't be disadvantaged in any way compared to the rest of the class. I really do hope that Queen's will be able to maintain an even footing for those who stay at home and those who can make it in person. I know Queen's intends to offer full online learning, but maybe someone with more experience/ or who is already enrolled at Queen's can weigh in on the potential pros/cons of the in person experience vs. the hypothetical online experience that we're all being faced with right now.
    • Hi all, I was waitlisted this cycle and recently went to check the status of my application. I am unable to log in because the site tries to direct me through an @uwindsor.ca email address made with my name which I don't have the password for and have never seen before. I'm planning on sending an email out on Monday just to see what's going on but figured I'd check to see if anyone else is currently experiencing the same thing. Perhaps it's just an issue stemming from a new site update or something. Thanks in advance!   
    • No, marks over 90% require special permission, but marks up to 90% can be awarded without permission.
    • Isn't the max at Allard 90% anyways? And even then, the prof will need special permission or file some kind of paperwork. I know people who got 90s.

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