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Chances of Acceptance? 156 3.6 GPA

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Like it says above. Is there any chance I could accepted at U of S? 


I have a 156 score and 3.6 gpa

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What's your Sask connection? That's very important to UofS, and if you're not from Sask are you from Nunavut, NWT, Yukon, or Newfoundland/Labrador?

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1 hour ago, Tex14707 said:

Alberta. I have no strong ties to u of s


If you have no significant ties to UofS or Saskatchewan as a province you may not be in a great spot. UofS seems very keen to make it home-town kids, if you will. People with family or history here - in their minds, I'd say people they think are going to stay and contribute to our smaller province versus book it back home. Just my thoughts, but I do know it is of importance to them.

Obviously though they do accept out-of-province students, so with a good PS which plugs some EC's as UofS doesn't have an EC section then you'll likely be ok. It also seems that UofS has a weirdly slow admissions process - it closes Feb 1st and they have only taken like 10-15 people so far, and then from who I know in UofS Law already even with glowing stats you'll still get accepted like  March or April. 

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18 hours ago, Staygold said:

What is the GPA of your best 2 years? And what gpa scale (4.0 or 4.3)?

I B2 I believe is 3.6. It is consecutive? I did coop for a few semesters in between my studies too.

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