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Chances? 3.91 and 150

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My cumulative GPA is 3.78, and L2 is 3.91 (unconfirmed) in an Honours program.

My first LSAT score was 150, and I re-wrote in January this year and am not sure of my score yet.

I have been dealing with a serious medical issue that impacted my ability to prep properly for the exam (I did touch on this in my personal statement), but I do want an honest opinion of if my chances of getting in this year are realistic.



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It looks like your stats are a bit too low. Generally if your LSAT is around 150-151 you'll want a 4.0 to stand a chance.

The good news is that if you can get your average LSAT score up to 154 or above you stand a really good chance assuming that your L2 was calculated correctly

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